Forêt épaisse

Geraldine Lethenet

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About me...

Dancer and artist since childhood, I explored the body and the world throughout my youth.

After years of performing in show business, I encountered yoga, energy practices, and massage.

This "rocking" allowed me to appropriate my body and discover multiple aspects of my being. Passionate about these inner journeys, curious and completely immersed, I trained in yoga, the feeling of energy, Ayurveda, and techniques of expression through the body and creation.

For 15 years, I have taught in different settings and continents, I have continued to train myself, I have explored many different worlds and disciplines (mandala, free dances, contact improv, CNV, wildlife, various therapies, pickings and transformation, sovereignty and doing together, sacred feminine...) with Monroe, creation, writing and Yoga as a backdrop.


I have released 5 books including a “Cahier Yoga” at Solar which has sold over 100,000 copies and at Eyrolles, a recent book on the art of slowing down.


On the road, often at festivals, I exchanged with students, teachers, therapists...   and I heard a need to strengthen self-esteem and gain in freedom, to enrich themselves with new experiences, to have supervision and to find spaces of inspiration to stimulate their creativity.


To meet these needs I created a training: Colors Yoga.


Today Couleurs Yoga and "Become your own Master" combine their languages to offer you a training, a dive, aimed at students engaged in their practice and curious-x, at those who are tickled by the teaching, at the professionals of psychocorporal disciplines wishing to enrich their practice.


I would intervene in this training by offering you exploration games, practices, dance, self-knowledge processes, transmission of knowledge on the foundations of yoga thought, personal research and sharing of experience, support for creativity, supervision and research in collective intelligence to gain confidence and move forward on the path of teaching.


My goal in this training is to invite you to dive into the experience for    

Gain confidence, therefore creativity and quality
Refine and affirm your touch in your personal practice and your transmission
Get out of the routine, gain flexibility and strength, on all levels!