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Forêt épaisse

Blanche de Marion

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About me...

Yoga, Blanche has been living it for 20 years and implements it in every gesture of her daily life!

It's a real passion and even beyond that, a vocation!

"I spent 15 years of my life traveling, training and immersing myself in the riches of the teachings of Asia, South America and Bali.

I have dedicated my life to accompanying people in well-being by working in different countries, through the tools of yoga, massage, authentic communication, free dance, energy practices.

Mom for 7 years, I continue to teach in festivals and in Chamonix, where I put my bag a few years ago. 

I created this training "Awaken your inner master" to bring students or yogis to come and touch the depths of teaching through various tools.

I try to be as close as possible to the essence of each student and in the most authentic and "fun" teaching possible! 

I accompany groups during yoga stays that I have been organizing for 8 years between Chamonix, Morocco and Bali, as well as trainings during which I transmit the depth of the teachings that I have received and integrated into my daily life.

Many students turn to me because they still feel insecure about their knowledge, often after 200 hours, and don't know how to take their first steps in front of a group. 

In this training, we offer tools to leave confident, with deep and accurate knowledge, to discover your own identity and we stay close to you to encourage you to take this first step in yourself and towards your path "


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