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200 hours
with Blanche de Marion, Kristy Shelley,
Tapashi Devchoudhury + guests
Chamonix - Alps

MODULES 1 and 2 are the basic training modules.  

They can be taken without a professional teaching project, as part of a deepening of one's knowledge in yoga. 


This training is designed for teachers or curious and committed students with a regular practice for 2 years who wish to deepen their knowledge and be more authentic, more autonomous, more creative and more grounded! You will have for background, the magnificent valley of Chamonix and its glaciers 


Blanche, committed to the purity of the posture, the accuracy of the touch, the power of the voice and the liberation through the dance, creates the training "Awaken your inner master" with the idea of bringing students or yogis to come and touch their inner depths and teach from this space and with solid knowledge integrated in them above all thanks to the various tools brought during this meeting together.


Today, because "working together" is, according to us, the art of tomorrow, we weave together, accompanied by Tapashi, a native Indian, immersed in the family yoga culture and Kristy, a therapist specialized in Anatomy , fascias and rolfing, in order to offer you 200 hours of deepening and training in transmission.  

The training is divided into 2x2 modules. The 1st module can be followed alone. 

The first 2 modules will satisfy gourmet students to go technically and subtly more in precision and more in depth in their practice, (other than by reading books! ;)) and will give future teachers the keys to enrich their yoga culture , and thus widen their field of transmission. 

Modules 3 and 4 are focused on the transmission of yoga and will nourish teachers or future teachers in their profession (of faith) with transversal points of view nourished by our plural and international experiences.

  Ready to dive into a transformative experience? 

  • MODULE 1 (50 HOURS) - 20 - 28 May 2022​ - The basics: practice and foundations

  • MODULE 2 (50 HOURS) - May 29 - June 5, 2022 - Going further: Entering the subtle, philosophy and   anatomy

  • MODULE 3 (50 HOURS) - September 16 -24, 2022 - Share: pedagogy and touch

  • MODULE 4 (50HOURS) - September 25 - October 2, 2022 - Bakti: creating and offering: teaching & supervision

With these 4 modules: 

Refine your perceptions and specify your yogic postures and practices  

Understand the biomechanical basics of yoga 

Gain confidence in creativity and quality
Refine and affirm your personal touch 

Open yourself to the practice of mantras
Get out of your routine
Broaden your knowledge, gain maturity and humility.
Advance on the path of meeting yourself, 

And meet peers! 


  • Price per module: €1010 all inclusive (accommodation x 8 nights, meals and lessons)

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  • Training only + meal; 770€ per module 

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MODULE 1: Taught by Blanche de Marion & Geraldine Lethenet

  • The basics of yoga

  • Yoga postures and their history

  • Pranayama - Meditation

  • The spirituality of yoga

  • The philosophy of yoga

  • Introduction to Ayurveda

MODULE 2: Taught by Blanche de Marion , Tapashi Devchoudhury & Kristy Shelley

In this module we will explore the biomechanical connections in the body during postures ​


  • Alignment in asanas

  • Anatomy , Assist basic technical,

  • The perfect "Magic" touch

  • Kosha, Vaayu & Drishti

  • Mantra, the Power of "Bakti" yoga & the voice

  • The 5 elements in yoga according to Chinese medicine

  • Authentic relationship and the power of listening with others

  • Sadhana - Tapas

MODULE 3: Taught by Blanche de Marion & Geraldine Lethenet


  • How to build a course – (Asanas, playlists, pranayama, meditation)

  • Advanced postures 

  • The art of assisting- How to support your students?


How to provide good assistance and invite the student to go further in the right posture?

MODULE 4:  Taught by Blanche de Marion, Géraldine Lethenet & Devchoudhury  Study of Indian phylosophy

  • Develop your confidence as teacher and human 

  • Teaching conditions and supervision

  • Indian yoga philosophy (Bring into our daily lives and into our own practice

  • Story telling




7:30 - 9:00 Yoga practice

09:00 Breakfast

10:00 - 13:00 Asana sequence studies

13:00 Lunch

15:00 - 17:00 Study of the subject of the training

17: 00-17: 30 Tea break

17:30 - 18:30 Restorative practice, Pranayama, Meditation

THE TEACHERS with YOU in this journey



Blanche de Marion

Yoga, Blanche has been living it for 20 years and implements it in every gesture of her daily life!

It's a real passion and even beyond that, a vocation!

"I spent 15 years of my life traveling, training and immersing myself in the riches of the teachings of Asia, South America and Bali.

I have dedicated my life to supporting people in well-being by working in different countries, through the tools of yoga, massage, authentic communication, free dance, energy practices._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Show more


Born into a Brahmin Hindu family in northeastern India, Tapashi was introduced to asanas early in her life by her father, while her mother passed on to her the wisdom of ancient Hindu philosophies and the subtle meanings of shlokas and Sanskrit mantras.

Even as a child, she remembers being curious about the subtle connections she saw this ancient wisdom had with the modern body and mind.  See more...


Rolfing, myofascia massage and movement therapy.

With over 20 years of experience working with bodies and driven by a love of my work, I constantly incorporate new techniques from ongoing training and personal development, refining my own unique form of bodywork to the individual needs of each person.

My passions lie in understanding the nervous system, its effects on problems in the body.

  My approach is to the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors with muscular and structural discomfort. As an enthusiastic skier, climber and paraglider I have traveled extensively working with a wide range of clients and often alongside other professionals in various locations around the world.


If you wish to be accommodated on site, we offer beds at 30 € per night in a shared room on site.

Breakfast and lunch 25 € / day


For any questions, send an email to: or by phone to 0660828659

The price includes all lessons and a manual

It does not include accommodation, meals and transport

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