India yoga retreat 2022
Back to the source - Back to the roots


Here comes the next jewel of 2023!!
I look forward to returning to this sacred land of India, the cradle of the spirituality that I have been transmitting for some 15 years now. I am even more pleased to announce that I would welcome you there with my Indian friend, a wonderful teacher, in her hometown. We join our passions of life, yoga, surfing and spirituality for the time of this immersion. We open this retreat to all those who dream of discovering India where to go back, all those who wish to surf with us or not, and all those who wish to dive to the source of the teaching of yoga with its rituals etc...
This retreat will take place in a beautiful tropical beachfront paradise, delicious meals are served on site every day, yoga practices taught by Tapashi or myself, dance, sunset meditations, breaks, surfing (option) massages... You will be taken in charge from your arrival until your departure by us. What a treat...  I’m available to answer any questions you may have. We offer different kinds of budgets so that the offer corresponds to all and also "early bird" prices for bird travelers who wish to fly with us. 


We will have 2 daily yoga and meditation sessions, taught by Blanche and Tapashi in a beautiful Shala in the middle of the tropical forest, lulled by the sounds of the surrounding Nature and the waves in the distance. 

The evening mediation can be done at sunset facing the sea. 



The soft waves of Mandrem create the perfect setting to learn to surf. Whether you’re a beginner or a confirmed surfer, Mandrem’s waves are ideal for perfecting long-board techniques and deepening your connection to the ocean.

The courses are taught by professionals.  We will have 3 sessions of overdraft in the retreat. Possibility to add on site.



Your journey deserves a restful sleep. 

The rooms are elegant and comfortable in a natural setting.  

Carefully designed sacred spaces, offering ultimate refuges for relaxation and reflection. 

From our luxury suites to bamboo cabins, everyone can find their little paradise according to their budget


Room to share or alone


Our beautiful wooden rooms can all be shared with someone or not.

They are designed to have your privacy even when sharing it.

You will have the choice between having your room alone or sharing it at the time of booking.

The maintenance of the rooms and shared areas (kitchen, yoga room and lounge/massage room) will be disinfected every day.



A healthy and balanced diet


The Ashiyana Goa restaurant, created by famous chefs and sourced from local producers, offers two delicious and appetizing dishes a day: post-Yoga brunch and evening dinner.  

Inspired by the best local ingredients, our two chefs, Rathi and Tek, prepare unique and tasty creations that blend Indian, Nepalese and Thai recipes with western cuisine.

Our predominantly vegetarian buffet menu includes an abundance of fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables, with seafood dishes offered twice a week.   Wonderfully balanced and nutritious meals for all tastes and dietary needs; dining with us is undoubtedly a highlight of any visit.

Guests, staff, teachers and therapists gather at lunchtime as a large family.

 Our large dining table offers the perfect opportunity to participate in group conversations and make new friends.  

Alternatively, look for the gazebo and other more private, dining rooms for more privacy.

Fresh, triple-filtered drinking water, masala chai, hot lemon ginger and a selection of herbal teas are available for self-service all day.

The team that welcomes you 

Posture yoga.jpg

Blanche: Yoga teacher - Dance- mediation - Tantra


Yoga, massage, free movement of the body, Blanche has lived it for 20 years and applies it in all the gestures of her daily life! 

She chose the path of heart and non-duality, also called Advaita Vedānta 

She has dedicated her life to accompany her entourage, her clients in wellness, through the tools of yoga, massage, non-violent communication, free dance, holistic treatments and voice... 

She accompanies women’s groups, and mixed groups during yoga stays that she organizes for 8 years between Chamonix, Morocco and Bali and now India. 

It transmits the depth of the teachings it has received from different lineages of masters and with different tools (Tantra, tao, Buddhists, Hindu, shamanic, etc.) 

The meetings with Blanche are beyond what we can imagine! 

They are transformative and deep! 

It is not addressed to the person, but from heart to heart and from soul to soul.


Tapashi Devchoudhury


Born into a Brahmin Hindu family in northeastern India, Tapashi was introduced to asanas very early by his father, and the wisdom of ancient Hindu philosophies by his mother. Such ancestral wisdom brought him a profound understanding of the subtleties of Eastern philosophy and the links between body, mind and spirit.

Fascinated by ancient healing techniques, she is passionate about reintroducing this wisdom into the contemporary world. Tapashi teaches meditation, mantra and asanas. His teaching style is a mixture of traditional hatha yoga and qi-kung.

In her classes, Tapashi mixes traditional hatha yoga and qi-kung in a simple, fluid and meditative practice. Tapashi spends his time between India and Switzerland, teaching meditation, mantra singing, yoga philosophy and subtle yogic practices in formats ranging from workshops and retreats to teacher training and coaching programs. She believes that 'Yoga' cannot be taught, it can only be experienced. Her classes intend to make this experience accessible.


Tapashi found a passion in longboard practice. 

She sees longboarding not only as a sport but as a philosophy of life. The gentle and graceful play with a force of nature is the way it sees itself leading a life of fullness and meaning, in harmony with what the Universe offers us at every moment.


Our prices


With accommodation in:         Regular rate                               EARLY BIRD Price   (until December 24, 2022)


Eco-Lodge (individual):            €1,550                                          €1,450

Eco-Lodge (shared):                  €1,250                                          €1,150


Palmeraie (single):                    €1,700                                          €1,600

Palmeraie (shared):                  €1,350                                           €1,250


Raj Double (single):                €1,850                                            €1750

Raj Double (shared):               €1,500                                            €1,400





  • Two daily yoga and meditation sessions

  • 3 surf sessions during the week

  • Meditation in the sacred spaces of nature

  • Opening circle with Hindu fire ceremony

  • Sharing circles and workshops

  • Sanskrit mantra song

  • Two delicious organic buffets (brunch and dinner) every day

  • Unlimited access to filtered water, herbal teas and masala chai

  • Transfer to and from Dabolim Airport, Goa

 Non includ



What to put in your suitcase?

  • Your yoga mat

  • Some comfortable clothes to practice your daily classes, your light travel clothes

  • 1 shirt with very light long sleeve 

  • 1 white outfit 

  • sunglasses, sunscreen, flask

  • A notebook and a pen

  • Your toiletries


How to come?

By plane:

The nearest airport is Dabolim (Goa), from where Ashiyana is 90 minutes by taxi. 

By train:

The nearest railway stations are Thivim, Pernem or Vasco da Gama.

By bus:

The nearest bus station for big cities is Mapusa (pronounced Maap-sa)