Forêt épaisse

Tapashi Devchoudhury


About me...

Born into a Brahmin Hindu family in northeastern India, Tapashi was introduced to asanas early in her life by her father, while her mother passed on to her the wisdom of ancient Hindu philosophies and the subtle meanings of shlokas and Sanskrit mantras.

Even as a child, she remembers being curious about the subtle connections she saw this ancient wisdom had with the modern body and mind.

Since then, she has undergone various trainings with Indian, Chinese and Western teachers from different traditions in order to deepen her understanding of the human body and mind.

Tapashi believes that 'Yoga' cannot be done, and that it does happen.

His sessions aim to make this state accessible to the modern body-mind by inspiring a deeper connection to oneself.

In his classes, Tapashi blends traditional hatha yoga and qi-kung into a simple, slow, and meditative practice. Tapashi spends his time between India and Switzerland, teaching meditation, mantra chanting, yoga philosophy and subtle yogic practices in formats ranging from workshops and retreats to teacher trainings and coaching programs. development in India and throughout Europe