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Zenthai Flow & Zenthai Shiatsu

Gwyn Williams is the founder of the Zenthai Shiatsu Method, a combo of zen shiatsu, Thai massage and osteopathic technique, which started over 15 years ago.

His method has now become very well known and is movement-based therapy, with yoga classes known as Zenthai Flow - a practice halfway between chi qong and yoga that incorporates asanas and in accordance with the philosophy of the 5 elements of Chinese medicine and their meridians.

In practice, during zenthai flow classes we will practice vinyasa flow yoga adapted to each season to stimulate the meridians connected to the organs of the moment to be in perfect harmony.

During the Workshops at the start of each new cycle, I offer a workshop in which we will talk about the element of the moment, to which organ it is connected, how to stimulate it by circulating the chi in it, some nutrition advice will be given to you , we will practice with a partner and learn Zenthai shiatsu massage on the ground

The 5 Elements: (to come)






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