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For the courses in presence the places are limited, remember to book your course! 

For video classes, please send me a message the day before 18:30 to receive the login codes. 

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PRICES- Conscious participation

“The key to abundance for all is the generosity of each one.”

We are implementing a new payment system, we have decided to establish “conscious participation”!

And yes it is more and more visible in many places and corresponds much more to my vision of the world and the openness that I want to give to the path of yoga!

I repeat the words of the last festival where I taught 3 days ago (Healing heart festival), because I find that it is very well explained and could not do better!

“Give” with Heart Consciousness and not “pay”?

Wishing to propose a different and new reflection around trade and monetary exchanges, we want to offer everyone the freedom to value the knowledge and techniques transmitted, to give a sum in conscience, for the quality of the experience he experienced and felt.

We want to allow as many people as possible to access the various courses and workshops according to their awareness while taking into account the specificities of individual situations and the differences of abilities of each-e-s.

Assess the gift in relation to the quality, not quantity, of what is received and perceived, felt and experienced. A sharing of each-e, in conscience, with those who could have less facilities.

Trust in the Future and Faith in the Human.

Our conviction in this vision is based on the desire to offer a path of individual and collective transformation. Return to the essential, the human and his environment and Exchange on the basis of a cordial, authentic and supportive relationship.


In advance, we thank you all for your kind generosity!

So in the idea, the rates that we consider correspond to our teaching are displayed and then there will be a box where you can deposit your donation! There’s our price, there’s more, there’s less it’s the same for me, for us!

The main thing is that you can come and I can live! That way it’s fair for everyone and we move forward together!

Classes will always be on reservation with the teacher who teaches the course or you decide to go! and the WhatsApp group exists for each class to allow you to just make a little “    ” if you come!


Our rates seem fair! Adjust yours 

   Drop in: 15 euros 

   10 course card 110 euros valid for 10 weeks: 120 euros

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