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Ecstatic Dance & Sunday Brunch


The Ecstatic Dance, the liberating event where people dance as if they were alone in their room but all together!


If you like dancing, good music, meeting nice people, savoring delicious brunch, regaining lost joy, freeing yourself from stress and anxiety, developing that ecstatic state, you've come to the right place!_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

One Sunday a month you are invited to come and meet us to dance together but each in his own world.

The idea is to maintain the social relationships often lost in the last time in the fluidity of the dance, to let our body express itself without words and to create a link between us thanks to the vegetarian or vegan brunch, according to the desires, cooked by our chef Lisa! 

We bring in renowned musicians and/or DJs to take you on a 2-hour journey!

“In Ecstatic Dance, there is a local vision, but also a global one. Ecstatic Dance is a community event. Ecstatic is men and women who meet to connect with themselves, but also with others, in a form of solidarity and common values to create the life of tomorrow and the exchanges of tomorrow. Dance is a way of apprehending life together, another way of discussing respectful, benevolent values. » Virginie Brune

Our appointments:

Sunday   May 29

Ecstatic dance : 11.00-13.00

Brunch: 13.00 - 14.00

We will welcome "Adrian Atman " 


Cocoa: 5 euros

Concert - Dance: 20 euros






What is Ecstatic Dance?



the Ecstatic Dance, a form of dance, or should I say, of travel, of about 2 hours which allows a total letting go.

A musical journey that allows you to reconnect with the pleasure of movement.

We tend to forget it, but moving, just moving, rediscovering the possibilities of movement, can be a source of intense joy when we manage to free ourselves from all our prejudices.

In this society, we are taught from an early age “to behave well”.

Anchored deep within us, we have integrated a lot of body maintenance rules and we have completely forgotten that our bodies have a natural wisdom, a beat, a rhythm, which Ecstatic Dance allows us to rediscover._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  Going to Ecstatic Dance is to treat yourself to a moment where missteps do not exist and where aesthetic or artistic performance is of no importance. (Dora)

"You have to succeed in letting go of the mind and not thinking about your gestures but allowing the body to express itself through the sound of music!

At first it is not easy! The 1st times I found myself in an ecstatic in Bali, I was not comfortable at first, because too much in the mind and as soon as I closed my eyes and let my body speak, I I was invaded by waves of sensations that guided everything!

It was incredibly magical! The more I went back, the more addicted I became! Addicted to this well-being that settles in every cell of my body, a bit like after having made love... What I find magical is that there is no alcohol or other chemical substances to interfere in the relationship between oneself and oneself or oneself and the others, one is just oneself and everything is perfect" Blanche

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