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Certified Massage Training

Shiatsu Training - Thai "Yoga" Massage
Fall 2023
"The healing touch" 
A unique massage technique!
with Blanche de Marion &  Guests
Level 1
13 -15 & 20 -22 October 2023
Level 2
24 -26 November 2023
1 - 3 December 2023

Training -   "The healing touch" - "The Healing Touch"


"The Healing touch" or the magic healing touch!


I’m sure we all have it in us, just remember!

I have lived a few years in Asia where I continue to go every year a few months for 15 years. I was taught many techniques of massages, mediation and yoga that I have used in my profession since all its years and that I decided to transmit in small groups every year. I therefore reopen a new curriculum for this year 2022 and does not take a maximum of 14 people in this training to be able to transmit as close as possible to what I received.


Blanche (Founder)

In Level 1, "Foundation" we will learn the four foundations of Thai massage

Body mechanical awareness, movements and massage techniques using hands, knees, feet and elbows


This course teaches a full 90 minute massage.  

Effortless transitions between postures

Take care of the person facing us and the therapist before, during and after the massage

Massage of shoulders, head, back, arms, hands, legs, abdomen and feet

In level 2, "The essence & birth of the therapist" we will awaken the healers who sleep in you! We dive into the essence of ourselves to be able to listen and offer massage from this space!

More Advanced Techniques! 


8.00-9.00 meditation & movement 

9.00 - 09.30 Tea and breakfast break (option)

9.30 - 11.30 "session 1"

11.30-13.30 "session 2"

13.30 - 14.30 Lunch break 

14.30 - 16.30 "session 3"

Not included:

accommodation and meals


 Accommodation and Meals 

RATES / PRICES:  Payment by bank transfer or cash

Training: 420 euros per Level ( Included manual)

Early bird: before September 1st: 390 euros Level 1

Before March 15 For Level 2

Old student  benefit from the early bird hard level 2 rate.


Gwyn Williams' students and the zenthai shiatsu training count as students!

Accommodation & meals possible. Not included in the price

Those who wish to stay can rent a single or shared room :

35 euros per night in a shared room
70 euros per night in single room

Lunch will be taken all together at the cottage (Not included in the price). The evening meal is


Its something that we start but never finish, which continues indefinitely, and gradually becomes deeper and higher.

Massage is a subtle art.

Its not just about address,

Its more about love.

First you learn the technique and then you forget it.

You feel and create movements based on your feelings.

When you learn deep massage, 90% of the work is done through love, 10% by technique.

All you have to do is touch it, touch it with love, and the body relaxes...

If you feel love and compassion for the massey, if you look at it as priceless energy, if you are grateful for her confidence in you and by letting you play with his energy, then, more and more, youll feel like youre playing the organ, and you will feel the creation of harmony within you.

Not only will you be relieved. By massaging, mass only, think of nothing else. In your fingers, in your hands, as if your existence were in it.

Dont be satisfied with a physical touch.

Your soul enters the body of the other, and the most difficult complexes relax. Please.

Dont work on it. Play it and have fun. ​


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