Our Massages from around the world

Relaxing massage

Very sweet, served on the table with hot and flavored oils.

* Leads to deep relaxation and inner peace.


Tonic massage (Swedish)

The techniques used are similar to relaxing massage in addition to invigorating and rhythmic.

  • Relaxes and regenerates by relaxing muscle mass and joints.

  • Eliminates most of the tensions associated with stress

  • Firms muscles

  • Promotes blood and lymphatic circulation

  • Eliminates toxins


Sports massage

Dynamic, practiced on the table with oils. There is a lot of stretching and deep pressure to relax the muscles that have been strained. Ideal before or after any sport.

Personalized Massage 

Custom-made deep massage

Preceded by an interview to guide the massage according to your needs

Special massage legs and feet

This leg massage is ideal after a long hike, a run, a marathon or a mountain trail. For 30 minutes, you will enjoy a combination of stretching, muscle pressure and massage techniques dispensed using a special muscle repair balm. These 30 minutes of attention will allow you to be physically ready for a new mountain adventure.


Zen massage (for pregnant women)

From the 4th month.

Nothing like a massage break during pregnancy, for a moment of absolute relaxation but also to relieve many ailments that mark these 9 months. If you are feeling tired or anxious, this massage will remedy it. The well-being that you will bring to your body will not fail to reflect on your mind as well as on your baby.


Shiatsu. (Shi = inch Atsu = pressure)

It is practiced in soft clothing and on a futon on the floor, and consists of a series of thumb presses on different meridians as well as some stretching and manipulation of certain limbs.

  • Helps reduce stress and tension,

  • Stimulates and strengthens the body's self-defense system,

  • Balances the energy system as a whole,

  • Brings physical and mental relaxation.


Thai massage

This massage (Nuad Bo-Rarn) draws its origins from shiatsu, Indian massage and yoga. It takes place in a series of palm and thumb presses all over the body, as well as numerous floor stretches on a futon.

The use of acupuncture by pressing precise acupuncture points can treat back pain, circulation problems, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, general fatigue, stress ...


Home Massage

Let us come to you! Prices vary depending on the place of residence. Contact for a quote.


Massage of your choice:

  • 50min: 75 Euros

  • 25 min: 40Euros


  • Chamonix - Les bossons

We are offering a new 200H certified world massage training course from October 2020.